The Signs That Your Home is Telling You To Call a Plumber

There are many plumbing problems that can occur. Calling a plumber is the solution as problems can range from minor and easily fixed to more serious and expensive. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the difference. Sometimes, you might not be aware that there is a problem.

Your Home is Telling You To Call a Plumber

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can ruin what should be an enjoyable shower experience. But it is more than a nuisance. Low water pressure could indicate that your pipes are blocked. Call a plumber if your water pressure drops suddenly.

Slow Drainage

Every sink and shower will eventually experience slow drainage due to soap scum or hair buildup. However, if pipes throughout your house are slow to drain you may have a main sewer line clog. If you suspect that your sewer line is clogged, it’s a plumbing emergency.

Brown Spots on Ceiling

Brown spots on the ceiling may not be just unattractive. They could also indicate that water is leaking from above. Before you fix the ceiling, make sure to identify the source of the leak.

Rattling pipes

Your pipes should not make a sound like rushing water. If you hear your pipes rattling, especially after shutting off a valve or when water is flowing in a sudden stop or change direction, and can cause banging sounds or make pipes rattle. High water pressure, or, in older homes, flooded air chambers within your plumbing system, could be possible causes. Poorly secured pipes can also cause rattling sounds.

Foul smells emanate from the Drain

There are many bacteria in bathrooms and kitchens, which can cause some strange smells. A persistent foul odor emanating from the drains could indicate a blockage or break in the sewer line.

Consistently clogged toilets

Everybody has to deal with a blocked toilet from time to time. However, if you feel like you are constantly using the plunger to open the drain, it could indicate a more serious problem, especially if other fixtures are backing up. This could be an indication that your sewer is clogged or your septic system is backed up.

The Best Ways to Detect & Repair Leaks in Plumbing Systems

Call A Plumber Today!

The most common problems with South African household plumbing

Louw Bros Group Plumbing is a plumber based in Table View, Cape Town. They specialize in both minor and major plumbing issues as well as leak detection.

This article will discuss common plumbing issues and their impact on homes and water use.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

It doesn’t matter if you call your plumber once a year, or once every three years, every household will face bathroom plumbing issues at one point.

The age of your house will determine how many plumbing problems you have.

There are many common plumbing issues that can happen, other than serious plumbing problems that cause severe damage to your home or its structure.

These are usually minor plumbing issues, but they can lead to huge amounts of water being wasted. We have made it our top priority to conserve water and prevent water waste due to the current water crisis in South Africa.

Here are seven of the most common problems with plumbing

  • Running toilets: You may have underlying plumbing issues that cause your toilet to run after you flush it. Running toilets can consume up to 700 litres per day.

  • Low water pressure is a sign of a leaking pipe. This can sometimes be resolved by changing the showerhead, but more often it is serious and requires professional attention.

  • Dripping taps are a big water waster and can lead to a higher monthly water bill. This is an easy problem to fix, and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Leaking pipes – Are you noticing wet spots in your ceiling or wall? This is a sign of leaking pipes. This plumbing problem can lead to major home damage if it is not addressed immediately.

  • Leaking Hose Bib – Hose bibs that are not protected during winter can crack when the summer heats up. To prevent unnecessary leakage, invest in a frostproof hosebib

  • Geysers that are not heating quickly enough can be a sign of aging or poor maintenance. Water wastage occurs when the water is left running while you wait for hotwater to become available.

  • Drain clogs – Although drains can be tough, they are also resilient. Off the shelf drain cleaners may not be as effective and corrosive.

If you experience any of these problems, it is important to contact your plumber immediately to avoid water damage or unnecessary water wastage.

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Your household’s plumbing performance can make it run smoothly. Even the most simple tasks can become difficult or even impossible without good plumbing. You can take control of your home and make sure everything runs smoothly by knowing how to improve your plumbing performance. These tips can help. Drain Strainer Drain strainers are designed to catch hair and food from the drains. Drain strainers can be used at every sink and bathtub to keep food and hair from clogging your drains. Before you go to the store, measure the drain’s diameter. Look out for Leaks Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify if your home is leaking. It’s not always easy to see a leaky faucet or a puddle in the floor. Some leaks can continue for years, sometimes without anyone even knowing. Check the toilets to find out if there’s a leak in your home. Let the food dye sit in the toilet for at least 15 mins. After 15 minutes, test the toilet bowl for colored water. Clear toilet bowls indicate that your toilet is functioning properly. Turn off all water-using appliances. Finally, stop using sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. Next, check the water meters. After waiting about an hour, you can again check them. If the water meters do not move, it is likely that there are no leaks in your home. If your water meter moves, it is likely that there is a leak on your property. You should be looking out for signs that your house is leaking. These signs are:

  • Mold

  • Wallpaper and paint peeling

  • Sound of running water inside the walls

  • Mysterious puddles and stains

Even if there are no obvious signs of a leakage, a plumber should be called immediately. Do not flush old cooking oil down the drain, but dispose of it in the trash Congealing oil from cooking can block drains and cause obstructions along the walls of pipes leading to the sewer. This can be prevented by throwing away cooking oil instead of dumping it down your drain. Let the cooking oil cool before you pour it into a container. Make sure to clean your drains regularly Regular cleaning of your drains can remove any gunk that may prevent the drains flowing smoothly. Pour vinegar into your drains and allow it to sit for several hours. After you are done, flush out the vinegar with hot water. Pour baking soda in the drain and then pour vinegar over it. Baking soda will dissolve and break down fats and oils, while vinegar will clean out food debris. The mixture should be flushed down the drain with hot water after it has been there for several hours. Insulate Pipes Insulating your pipes with pipe insulation will protect your plumbing from freezing temperatures and keep the hot water flowing through your pipes warm. Purchase insulation sleeves that are the right size for your pipes to insulate them. Use a utility knife to cut the sleeves to the right length. Then remove the adhesive backing from the sleeves and wrap them around the pipe. This should be done for all pipes that are exposed in your home. Working with a reputable and experienced plumber is a great idea. A professional plumber will be able to improve the performance of your home’s plumbing. Louw Bros Group plumber company can help you with any repairs that are necessary to prevent leaks or other issues with your plumbing.

Michelle Usher
Michelle Usher
Getting pluming fixed while on holiday can be a mission as we don’t know the area or the reliable contractors but I found Louw Bros Pluming easy to contact and we had great we service.
Christo Steyn
Christo Steyn
There's nothing I love more than waking up, going to the bathroom and seeing all of my pipes are fixed by Louw Bros! I had a pipe go out just last night and they were there fixing it within 20 minutes of opening! It was amazing. If you want to use the best plumbers in Table View, contact Louw Bros now.
Shane Gillespie
Shane Gillespie
They attended an after-hour toilet blockage for our tenant in a complex in Tableview. Got hold of them promptly and a team was despatched very quickly. The price was very reasonable and service was excellent. I definitely recommend them.
Shawn Gramny
Shawn Gramny
Excellent professional service. Issues resolved first try.
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Daniel Garlick
I accidentally drilled into a water line in the worst place imaginable- Warren and team made miracles happen and saved the day. 5 star service . Thanks again guys.
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Bronson Louw
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Fern DS
Fast, efficient, on time. Great service. Fault repaired within 15 minutes. Happy to recommend.
Alan Nortje
Alan Nortje
When things get blocked up over Christmas it's a not only a disaster but it threatened to ruin our families whole day, fortunately the guys at Louw Bros were on duty and ready to clean the blocked pipes, very professionally and efficient, Christmas was saved, thanks to Louw Bros plumbing
Anton Fredericks
Anton Fredericks
My heart almost stopped when I got a R7000 water bill, thank you Louw Bros for you quick service, locating the leak in the shower wall of all places that thermal imaging is insane, leak fixed, next time I will get you our faster, it costs less than a city water bill
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Martin Mudhombo
Very nice and professional plumbers there are the best

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