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Leak Detection

Protect Your Property: Advanced Leak Detection and Resolution Services

The Specialized Leak Detection Division of The Louw Brothers Group provides comprehensive services to identify and address all types of leaks in your plumbing system. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, our experienced team of professionals is capable of pinpointing even the most elusive leaks. From early detection to prompt repair, our leak detection experts are committed to preserving the integrity of your plumbing infrastructure and preventing costly water damage. Trust The Louw Brothers Group's Leak Detection Division to safeguard your property from the perils of undetected leaks.

All of our plumbers are experienced professionals who will be able to assist you with any plumbing needs you may have.

Our Professional services offered:

Residential Plumbing

The Residential Division of Louw Brothers Group, repair, and service all aspects of residential plumbing.

Leak Detection

The specialized Leak Detection Division of The Louw Brothers Group cover all aspects of leak detection.


The Drainage division of The Louw Brothers Group cover and maintain every aspect of both drainage.


The Geyser Division of The Louw Bros Group specialize in the replacement, repair, instillation and re-location of all geysers.


The Renovation and re-piping division of The Louw Brothers Group are a dedicated team of highly experienced technicians that are experts in construction and new instillation plumbing.

Commercial & Industrial

The Commercial and Industrial Division of The Louw Brothers Group provide solutions to all commercial and industrial requirements.