The Importance of Plumbers

Plumbing is easy to assume is a given. Plumbing is one of those things that you take for granted. Until it stops working properly or goes out of service, it’s not something you notice. Plumbers are responsible for the fact that hot water can be poured from any faucet by simply turning the handle. Without the skills and knowledge of plumbers, modern life would not be possible.

Why plumbing is so important for water sustainability, community safety, and community health

  • The plumbing allows us to manage our water.

  • Plumbing can prevent epidemic diseases

  • Plumbing conserves water

Plumbing is one of many things that humanity takes as a given. Water is a fundamental necessity that people are taught to consider. We don’t know that bathing used to be considered dangerous, and people could go years without showering. As people throw their garbage on the streets or anywhere else (and many still do).

The system of plumbing in Alexandra and Johannesburg that runs underneath our homes and leaks water everywhere is something we don’t pay too much attention to. It is only when there are water problems or when the geyser malfunctions or the drain clogs that we think about it.

The plumbing system in many of our cities works well, despite all the problems associated with leaks, pollution and maintenance. Without the plumbing system, our lives would have been much more complicated and challenging.

Let us show you how plumbing can do more than just fix our clogged drains or broken water lines.

  • Water management is possible with plumbing: The development of plumbing systems allowed humans to control, manage and direct their own water supply. Plumbing allowed us to separate clean and dirty water, which in turn improved our health, hygiene, and well-being. Only because of the intricate and well-maintained plumbing systems in South Africa, communities can have clean water at their homes.

  • Plumbing is a preventive measure against epidemic diseases.Remember the Black Death or plague? Many infectious diseases can be caused by water. History is filled with such cases. Water has been the source of many epidemics in history. Unsanitary conditions, in which modern plumbing was not available, led to the death of almost half of the European population. The plumbing harnesses water and allows communities to have clean drinking water by adding disinfectants. Even more, even in an emergency, water can be disinfected to prevent an outbreak. The system of plumbing keeps us safe as we sit inside our homes, unaware of the dangers outside.

  • Plumbing conserves Water: There’s a lot of ways plumbing can prevent water wastage. Hot water recirculation and tankless water heaters are two ways it does this. All of us have been guilty of waiting for hot water to come through before we turn off the water. Hot water recirculation stops this by having hot water available for us to use. It is easy to install this system, regardless of where you live.

  • Beauty and comfort: Up until the 1800s, indoor plumbing systems were considered luxury. In developed European countries of the 60s, outdoor privies were the norm. Modern plumbing allows us to access our toilets and washrooms from the privacy of our own homes. Although this isn’t yet possible in large areas of Africa, it is becoming more common. Imagine living in an area without a toilet for a day and then you will see how plumbing has transformed our lives. Plumbing has made it possible to add beauty to our lives, in addition to providing comfort. Modern plumbing allows us to install luxurious bathing systems in our homes. It is now a source for entertainment and relaxation that was once considered a luxury.

  • Energy savings: Every day, there are new developments in plumbing. As time passes, we see more efficient plumbing systems. Plumbing allows for greater water efficiency which leads to higher energy savings. Modern plumbing systems encourage less water wastage which results in less water being used for geysers and less water being transported. This helps to save a lot of energy. For example, water faucets equipped with sensors can be used to reduce water wastage.

  • Plumbing saves lives. Health professionals readily recognize the importance of clean and healthy conditions for community health. This was made evident by the Covid-19 pandemic. Access to clean water has increased life expectancy and saved many lives, according to modern plumbing around the world.

  • Water sustainability is possible: Countries such as South Africa are in water crisis, while others have less. All hope is not lost. The plumbing industry works tirelessly to find water sustainability solutions. For safe plumbing, the various industries are working together with other manufacturers. Water sustainability is not far away.

Do you see how vital plumbing is? You don’t have to spend hours trying to fix a clogged pipe, faulty water heater or a clogged drain. There is no reason to live in pain anymore. Louw Bros Group plumbers can help you keep your plumbing lines in great shape.

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The Impact of Plumbers on Society

Plumbers are physically demanding jobs. Plumbers are not only responsible for unclogging drains or fixing faucets. They also have to install, repair, and maintain pipes, fixtures, fittings, and other related equipment. This plumbing allows us to access water, gas, and dispose of waste. These benefits have a greater impact on our lives, and in a deeper manner than many people realize.

Here are seven of the most common problems with plumbing

  • Running toilets: You may have underlying plumbing issues that cause your toilet to run after you flush it. Running toilets can consume up to 700 litres per day.

  • Low water pressure is a sign of a leaking pipe. This can sometimes be resolved by changing the showerhead, but more often it is serious and requires professional attention.

  • Dripping taps are a big water waster and can lead to a higher monthly water bill. This is an easy problem to fix, and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Leaking pipes – Are you noticing wet spots in your ceiling or wall? This is a sign of leaking pipes. This plumbing problem can lead to major home damage if it is not addressed immediately.

  • Leaking Hose Bib – Hose bibs that are not protected during winter can crack when the summer heats up. To prevent unnecessary leakage, invest in a frostproof hosebib

  • Geysers that are not heating quickly enough can be a sign of aging or poor maintenance. Water wastage occurs when the water is left running while you wait for hot water to become available.

  • Drain clogs – Although drains can be tough, they are also resilient. Off the shelf drain cleaners may not be as effective and corrosive.

If you experience any of these problems, it is important to contact your plumber immediately to avoid water damage or unnecessary water wastage.

Plumbing allowed us to separate clean and dirty water, which in turn improved our health, hygiene, and well-being. Only because of the intricate and well-maintained plumbing systems in South Africa, communities can have clean water at their homes.

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